Magisk has quickly become a favorite within the Android rooting community, due to the nature of its systemless root process and its frequent update cycle. This update cycle continues today, as developer topjohnwu has just released a new version of the Magisk beta; and with it comes new functionality. This update's claim to fame? It's called "Invincible Mode"

What is Invincible Mode? It's a new method being piloted by the Magisk team in an attempt to try and curb issues surrounding root loss. The Magisk daemon (the background process in which Magisk is embedded) controls the interface, and any interferences, bugs or crashes of the Magisk daemon may prevent root from functioning until a reboot is performed. Invincible Mode aims to solve this by ensuring that the daemon is running constantly and unconditionally as a background process. Furthermore, Invincible Mode ensures that in the case of any interference, or a daemon crash, the device automatically reboots in order to preserve root as best possible. These measures appear well constructed, and hopefully, these should minimise root loss in the future.

This update also modularises the proprietary SafetyNet evasion component in order to make the whole utility Free and Open-Source (FOSS), and according to topjohnwu it should be published to the F-Droid repository within the upcoming days. Aside from that, the handling of the Magisk logcat has been rewritten, and the Magisk Manager also now rejects all repositories with template versions lower than 4, in an effort to reduce cases of bootloops caused by outdated Magisk modules.

The previous Magisk update, 3 weeks ago, introduced support for systemless root on devices using the A/B partitioning scheme, such as the Pixel series and other newer phones. This update should be rolling out to users OTA over the next few days if it is deemed stable enough, according to topjohnwu. Check it out in the beta thread, and if you're new to Magisk, check out this guide on how to root your device with Magisk.

What do you guys think? Will you be installing this Magisk update? Are you happy to see this new functionality? Let us know in the comments, or post over in the forums with your thoughts.

via XDA