Today was Apple's Special Event, it was focused on Education and making it easier and more affordable for educators and students to get good functional technology. There were many things talked about at the event, the main thing being the new iPad, which is cheaper and adds support for the Apple Pencil. Logitech was also present at the event, where they introduced some new accessories they had for the new iPads.

Logitech introduced a case and keyboard that works with the new iPad, but it's not like every other Bluetooth keyboard you can buy for any iPad. This keyboard uses a smart connector built into the case in order to connect to the iPad. The smart connector acts similarly to the one that is on the iPad Pro models. Unfortunately, Apple didn't include a smart connector on the new iPad, so Logitech took it into their own hands to create one for it.

The case was created using input from educators in order to create the best case they could for the education market. The case is not for the everyday user as it is very bulky, adding a lot of protection to the iPads, even making the iPad spill-resistant. Logitech states the case can handle a drop from up to four feet, but from the looks of it, it can probably take a bit more.

The accompanying keyboard also has some nice features, it is detachable from the case, the keys are pry-resistant and it is also silent when typing on the keyboard. The keyboard is also powered by the iPad, so no need to charge the keyboard separately. There is also a kickstand on the back of the case, letting the iPad stand similar to the Surface tablets.

The case is difficult to take out, making it child-proof. There is also a clear window underneath the stand on the back of the case for a sticker, which most schools use in order to keep track of iPads.

The Logitech Rugged Combo 2 case will be available for purchase by schools this summer.

via The Verge