The main function of both of these updates, which were pushed via the Play store, was adding support for Android Oreo. FlashFire, which is a powerful on-device firmware flashing tool that's available for rooted devices, had issues reported by users on Android Oreo; most likely due to the framework changes made by Google in their Project Treble framework revamp. Some quick testing has shown that this new update fixes the issue; meaning Oreo users can continue to flash firmware packages on their device directly and receive OTA updates while maintaining root access. All of this without a custom recovery.

The other application receiving an update is LiveBoot – an app that shows logcat and dmesg outputs on-screen as they happen, with some added customization. It received Android Oreo compatibility as well as another exciting change. This update brings compatibility with SuperSU's SBIN mode (the default Superuser system binary directory for flashing to newer versions of Android, as opposed to an ext4 image). This should fix all issues that users were having with the older build on Android Oreo. You can download the updates from the Play Store.

What do you guys think of these updates? Do you use either of these tools frequently with your rooted Android devices to quickly diagnose issues and flash ROMs? Is this the first time you've heard about them and are eager to try them out? Let us know in the comments or post over on our forums with your thoughts.