Additionally, many people install it because of LineageOS' inbuilt apps. The gallery and screen recorder are often sought after, but today we're going to be covering another popular inbuilt LineageOS app – the Snap camera. The stock LineageOS camera app has no shortage of fans; it's a solid app with a multitude of features that enable the customisation of your shots, and of the processing applied to the images after the fact. If you're one of the many fans of this app, we have some great news for you today.

The stock LineageOS camera app has been ported to the OnePlus 5 on OxygenOS 4.5.10. The port, developed from the LineageOS 14.1 source by recognised XDA developer and contributor Android-Andi, does not require root to install. So, if you're someone who wants to test the waters of the customisation LineageOS offers without rooting your device, this may be perfect for you.

While the app is largely stable and feature-complete, it does have a number of bugs, such as:

  • A lack of RAW photo support right now
  • Issues with UbiFocus mode forcing the app to close
  • Some instability with switching between panorama mode and normal camera mode, that may require an app restart at times.

However, it is worth keeping in mind that this app is in active development, so improvements and fixes shouldn't be far off. Furthermore, there have been 4 revised releases in the past 2 days that have fixed bugs with the front camera and its panorama functionality; along with other problems and stability issues. All things considered, this is one to watch.

If you're interested in installing it, follow this link to install the latest revision of the port, and let us know what you think in the comments. Alternatively, you can discuss it with us and the rest of the community over in our forums!