Turning down the blue light being emitted from your display is good for you. Scientific evidence has shown that it helps you sleep better at night – and if you do happen to wake up during the night to check a notification, you won't be stung as hard by the bright light as warmer color temperatures are easier on the eyes. Manufacturers have recognised this over the years, which is why they've taken the initiative that independent software makers took first in building a blue light filter into the OS. Apple did it with Night Shift, and Google has also done so with Night Light on the Pixel series.

While the wildly popular custom ROM LineageOS also includes the feature under the name of "Live Display", all 3 implementations have the crippling flaw of being difficult to tweak on-the-fly. Fortunately, this is an issue on LineageOS no more, as the next LineageOS weekly build will be adding a Quick Settings toggle for Live Display.

A recently merged commit on the LineageOS Gerrit Code Review site reveals that LiveDisplay will now have its own Quick Settings tile, allowing for it to easily be switched between modes, configured, or disabled altogether. You will be able to cycle through auto, day, night, and outdoor modes, and turn off Live Display through this tile. This commit was accepted on November 19th into the main branch of LineageOS, meaning that all LineageOS builds after this date will have said Quick Settings tile for LiveDisplay; so its reasonable for us to expect to see it in the next weekly LineageOS build.

Between the recorder app redesign and this, it's safe to say the Lineage team is really gearing up for the piloting of LineageOS 15 (based off of Android Oreo). We're excited to see what other features they introduce to the custom ROM over the next few weeks, and how compelling of a ROM switch they can make it for users running stock Android on their devices.

What do you guys think? Is this a convenient change for you? Let us know in the comments, or post over in the forums with your thoughts.

via XDA