LineageOS, previously known as CyanogenMod, is a custom open-source operating system for phones and is based on the Android platform.

The LineageOS team recently upgraded their OS to version 15.1, rolling out the update for a select few devices. The upgrade includes a QR reader within LineageOS' camera app, a rewritten home launcher and the ability to customize the different styles of your device.

Along with this new update, the Lineage team has been working on a brand new SDK to encourage developers to tap into the platform. This new SDK includes a Styles API for app developers to add an optional automatic dark theme and more through the AppCompat-v7 library. This API also allows for individual apps to change the style of the entire system, which could be a useful feature for music apps and would permit them to change the colors of the system, based on the art of the album that's currently playing on your device.

The SDK also has a new Profiles API, marketed as one of the most powerful features of the OS. System profiles would allow applications to change their device's settings with a single click, by setting each profile individually. With this feature, you could change your entire settings for each different uses you have for your device.

Without a doubt, this will ensure that the LineageOS developers community will have more confidence in the OS, given that most felt that the new device support requirement list for LineageOS was a bit too strict.

A documentation for LineageSDK is available for developers to check out through a wiki page. Developers can check out the source code and contribute to it through LineageOS' gerrit.

via LineageOS