Libratone has announced a very sleek new product, the Libratone TRACK+ Wireless In-ear headphones. They have a very clean modern look while packing some incredible technology into a very thin form factor. Noise cancellation is not a common thing to see in small earphones, but they've still managed to integrate their very powerful 'citymix' adaptive noise cancellation technology into them.

Adaptive noise cancellation essentially allows the user to control how sensitive they are to canceling out the noise around you, and it will adapt nicely to make a seamless experience. This technology is created by Libratone, and it's called "Citymix". There are four different settings for noise cancellation, and it will work well in every environment. A quiet or "hush" mode was also integrated to easily let sound through when you need to hear you're surroundings. The in-ear headphones also claim to run for 8 hours of playtime, which would be very impressive to see in the real world with a form factor this small.

They are set for release in the summer of 2018. You can visit the page to receive notification for when they're released to get them first. They will be priced at steep €199 — though it doesn't appear too steep when compared to AirPods pricing.

Libratone also says they have "Motion Detection" and are designed to go to sleep when they are not in use to preserve battery life. Once the pair is moved again, it will wake up and resume usual functionality.

What do you think? Worth a steep price to get noise canceling, in-ear headphones for on-the-go listening and phone calls? Let us know in the comments below!

via AndroidPolice