If you're a fan of the LG V30, like the new camera features and you happen to own a rooted LG G6, then this is your lucky day. The LG G6 has just received an unofficial port of the new camera thanks to a recognised XDA developer going by the name of xpirt.

The camera app has many new features like new camera modes (LG went all in this time), a prettier and easier to use UI and much more. The port is pretty fully featured as well as it includes most (almost all) features that one would expect from a camera app port. It includes all the original LG G6 features, where all of them are working, all the new LG V30 modes (except Cine mode – more on that later), the Graphy features working and all manual options working, which is amazing, to say the least. Getting a such fully featured port is a rarity.

Cine mode is not included because it's a feature that actually requires the LG V30 camera sensor, meaning that the LG G6 camera sensor is simply not sufficient. The developer notes that the port was done because he is not entirely sure if the Fulmics ROM will receive the full UX 6.0 experience, therefore he took the job upon himself to deliver it to existing users.

You'll have to manually flash the recovery .zip file in a custom recovery like TWRP in order to get this port, as it's not as simple as just installing the APK. This, unfortunately, means that you need to have a rooted phone. This is a bummer, but it's surely worth it. The camera app in the V30 is vastly superior to the

Download the port from the XDA Developers forums