There are many Android smartphone vendors that make quality hardware that consumers love. Companies such as OnePlus, HTC, Sony and Honor are examples of companies that create quality hardware but are also regarded as developer-friendly. They provide a bootloader unlock for their devices in a timely manner and will even work with developers to ensure that custom ROMs can be created with full compatibility and can come out in a timely manner.

Even some of the companies that people wouldn't necessarily regard as being developer-friendly such as Samsung and LG can actually be friendly with developers at times. For example, the Exynos versions of Samsung devices are easy to unlock, and even in the case of LG, they provided a bootloader unlock for the V30 just a few weeks after launch. This is why it is weird to see that the virtually identical LG V30+ (US998U) has yet to receive a bootloader unlock from LG.

There is not that much that is different between the V30 and V30+. The extent of the differences is extra storage space for the V30+ and an extra SIM tray slot. The specifications are the same, dimensions are the same and even the software updates between the two devices are the same. Yet the device is not unlockable by LG even though it was released only 2 months after the V30. The European variant of the V30 actually received the bootloader unlock 3 weeks before the US model, but this isn't as bad as the 2 months that V30+ (US998U) users have already been waiting for a bootloader unlock.

LG has been reluctant to speak on the matter leaving users in the dark and with no official response on if or when they will receive a bootloader unlock. It seems as if the company is reluctant on releasing the unlock. It is possible this is just an oversight by the company and it will be fixed soon. There is also the possibility of it being a technical reason holding it back, but keeping in mind that it's nearly identical to the already unlocked LG V30, it seems unlikely that would be the reason.

Hopefully, it is just an oversight on LG's part and there will be an unlock for the V30+ (US998U) soon.

via XDA