It's likely that most of you recall HERE Technologies, the former Nokia property (until 2015) that offered top-range navigation services to Nokia Windows Phone users for free in the form of HERE Maps; that is until Microsoft took over. The company has an impressive pedigree in the sector, dating back to its Navteq origins, and is owned by a consortium of German automobile manufacturers; Audi, Mercedes-Benz and BMW; and now, it seems that they are expanding their horizons to adapt themselves to the future of the automobile industry landscape. They have partnered up with everyone's second favorite South Korean monolith conglomerate, LG, to begin development on a brand new telematics platform for self-driving cars' navigation systems and onboard sensors, which is said to offer to offer a "next-generation telematics solution for autonomous vehicles," by combining the considerable digital mapping and navigation expertise of HERE with LG's world-class communications technologies.

LG are intending on leveraging many key utilities developed by HERE for other real-world mapping applications (originally intended and used by companies such as Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft); including one known as HD Live Map, which is designed to read street signs and detect objects and obstacles on the road in real time. LG has stated that HD Live Map will be a key part of what the two companies develop together, claiming that they will be able to rapidly scan the environment around a vehicle and send that data to the cloud for analysis and transmission back to the ground for driving information customized to each vehicle using the system.

While there has been no word from any of the three consortium manufacturers on whether or not any of their cars will be leveraging this new telematics platform just yet, it's definitely one to keep an eye out for in the near future as our cars become more seamlessly integrated with every other aspect of our smart lives.

via Android Police