The timeliness of Android updates depends on a couple of different factors. The primary two are the device manufacturer and the network carrier. Due to the open nature of the Android operating system, responsibility falls on the manufacturer's shoulders to process and push OS updates to its own devices.

Most Android makers will issue release schedules on when users can expect their devices to receive the latest software. This can range from days, weeks or a couple of months depending on the circumstances. However, it is nothing short of an anomaly for consumers to have to wait almost a full calendar year for access to the latest Android firmware.

Lenovo, the maker of the K8, K8 Note and K8 plus have recently published an announcement telling their users to expect such a delay. K8 customers can anticipate to receive Android 8.0 Oreo by July of 2018, or nine months from now. In Lenovo's defense, this isn't the first time they have delayed the release of an Android update.

The Phab2 line was denied access to Android 7.0 Nougat despite its young age. Lenovo also attempted to avoid updating the Moto G4 Plus to Oreo contradicting what they originally promised. In fact, users have complained that updates have been rolled out at a much slower pace and support for Motorola devices have declined under Lenovo.

According to the company's website, this release date is subject to change so there is a possibility the 8.0 update gets pushed up a few months. Given the decent specifications of the K8 line, it's disappointing to see such a lengthy ETA for a phone running stock Android. You can see Lenovo's full update matrix by clicking here.

Are you currently using a Lenovo device? Is nine months too long to wait for 8.0 Oreo? Let us know in the comment section below.

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