They're usually free, can run on virtually any phone, and they offer extra features often not included in the stock software of the device, such as Pixel-style icons on a Samsung phone, which LaunchEnr can do, but it is more than just a stock launcher.

Developed by XDA member ivn888, LaunchEnr features a stock Oreo look and feel, with a lot more customization features. It's based on AOSP Launcher3, the launcher that comes on stock Android builds which is a plus as this means the launcher should be relatively light.

Because of this, the design should overall be pretty familiar to the average user. As far as the extras go, it adds icon pack support, a dark theme, individual app icon/label changing, the ability to hide apps and a feature that many iOS and Android Oreo users know: unread counts. You can also enable home screen rotation if you so desire.

For those that like optimization and speed, LaunchEnr removes some of the added bulk by disabling old methods that are no longer used, making it light and speedy.

For the faint of heart, LaunchEnr is designated as being a beta right now, so there may be bugs. If you don't care about that, then feel free to go ahead and download it by going to its official thread.

XDA Developers report that it's available on the Google Play Store for download, but we weren't able to find it in the US store.

What do you think of this launcher? Does it have any features that you like over other available launchers? Tell us in the comments below, we don't bite, I promise.

via xda-developers