Often times when you're jailbroken, you either have to completely reboot or just respring your device. There have been a number of tweaks that aim to make this easier to do by using menus and app shortcuts, but none do it quite like KeyFunctions. Developed by AlexK, KeyFunctions allows you to control your device via a few handy text commands, this is something that hasn't really been done before and is a unique approach on handling "shortcuts" so to speak.

This tweak is overall pretty simple to use and doesn't have any options to configure in order to use it. You just invoke Spotlight and use the following three commands, depending on which you want to do:

  • .respring: This will respring your device after you finish typing the "g".
  • .reboot: This will reboot your device after you finish typing the "t"
  • .safemode: This will put your device into safe mode after you finish typing the "e".

The developer seems to say that this tweak will work "anywhere," but as of right now, it only seems to work if you type the commands in the spotlight search, which isn't really a big deal, but it's something to take note of if you plan on using it. Hopefully, this can be fixed in an update, but that's unclear as of right now.

Interestingly this tweak seems to support iOS versions all the way back to iOS 3, so if you're on an older iOS version, this will probably work for you too. KeyFunctions is available on BigBoss for free.

What do you think of KeyFunctions? Were you able to get it to work elsewhere on your device? Let us know in the comments.

via iDownloadBlog