Early in January, there was a lot of online chatter about Xiaomi not releasing the Kernel Source code for their Mi A1. This has become a very popular phone lately because of all the features it has at such a low price. This makes the Xiaomi Mi A1 a great budget phone at the price of $220 but with great features. The phone also runs Android One which is like Android Oreo but for phones with lower specs. Xiaomi not releasing the source for the phone was becoming very unpopular with customers and developers alike.

Thankfully the wait is over as Xiaomi has finally come around and released the source code for the Mi A1. Developers and enthusiasts can head over to the GitHub to check out the full source code. Keep in mind the source code that has been released is for the Android Nougat build and not the Oreo build.

Having the kernel source code for a phone is very important in the creation of roots and custom ROMs. It is very helpful for developers when companies release a kernel source code for a phone because it gives them full access to a phone's hardware allowing for the custom ROMs that are created to be fully compatible with phones and to be as bug-free as possible. This creates a great experience for rooted users with custom ROMs.

Hopefully, Xiaomi will release the Oreo kernel source code soon and will release kernel source codes faster in the future.

Let us know in the comments do you like to install custom ROMs on your phone or not.

via Android Police