KeenLab, a Chinese security research firm has demonstrated their latest jailbreak for iOS 11.1.1. The jailbreak was shown at the POC2017 security conference in Seoul, South Korea yesterday. Developed by team member Liang Chen, this does, in fact, show that it is possible to jailbreak the iPhone X, and iOS 11.1.1, Apple's latest flagship, and the latest stable version of iOS.

You can see the jailbreak demonstration done by Chen himself here:

In this video, you can, in fact, see that he's using the iPhone X. Unfortunately, the video isn't very high quality so it's a bit hard to make out at times, but you can get the gist. Chen opens the KeenLab exploit app, waits for it to run, and when it's done, at the end, Cydia is present on the home screen of his iPhone. Pretty neat, huh?

However, given the fact that Chen hasn't released any slides or information on the jailbreak, it's unlikely that it will see the light of day, unfortunately. This was reaffirmed by another KeenLab member in a Reddit comment on r/jailbreak, where it is reiterated that it is a private jailbreak with no current plans for release to the public.

The good news is that this shows us that the iPhone X (and iOS 11), can be jailbroken, so even if KeenLab doesn't release their jailbreak tool, it should only be a matter of time before an iOS 11 jailbreak is released. As always, if you want a chance at jailbreaking, we recommend you stay on iOS 11.1.1 or lower, and postpone any updates.

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