Kali Linux is known as the "hacker" distribution among Linux enthusiasts. It features many popular tools for security penetration and has been the go-to distribution for security testing.

Good news if you don't want to give up your favourite programs and games for the powerful tools as Kali Linux is now, kinda, available on Windows 10. It just requires a tiny bit of tinkering. Thankfully, Kali has posted a video tutorial in case you wanted to try it out yourself, however, be warned that this is not for inexperienced people who just want to mess around with the system. Kali on Windows 10 is targeted at professionals who know what they are doing.

The process may be a little bit too advanced for a lot of users as it requires a basic understanding of Linux. Kali, unlike Ubuntu and other distributions, isn't available through the Microsoft Store, and will most likely never be judging by the nature of the organisation, instead, you need to manually install it and configure it. However, if that is an issue for you, you are most likely not the target audience of Kali Linux or even the Windows Linux Subsystem at all.

If you prefer a written guide, Kali has also posted an article going in-depth on how to install the distribution on the Windows NT kernel.

What are your thoughts? Does Kali on Windows 10 sound like a deal-maker? Let us know in the comments below!