If you're running an iDevice with firmware between 9.1 and 9.3.4, you might be happy to hear that there is not a 32bit jailbreak which you can install via the browser by simply visiting a webpage.

It's surely thrilling news for everyone running that firmware, however, there is a catch; the jailbreak is provided as-is with no support from the developer which means that you will not be able to report bugs, request features or anything similar. If the jailbreak doesn't work for you, you're advised to use the Home Depot jailbreak instead.

The jailbreak has also been demoed by the developer on his YouTube channel. tihmstar uses the YouTube channel to document his work and research, so subscribing to it might be a clever idea if you want to get updated on his personal work.

Just like with the original JailbreakMe, all you need to do in order to jailbreak your device is to visit Jailbreak.me and tap the "jailbreak me" button. This should initialise the process by downloading resources, downloading Cydia and finally running the exploit to unlock your device. It's dead simple and that's why so many users love WebKit-based exploits which run straight from the browser.

Once you're jailbroken, you can untether the jailbreak by installing two packages called "Community Offsets" and "UntehterHomeDepot" respectively. Simply head to Cydia after the jailbreak has finished... well... jailbreaking and add http://repo.tihmstar.net/ to your Cydia sources then search for the packages and install them.

As the majority of community-active jailbreakers run on iOS 10 or even 11, on 64bit devices, tihmstar admits that the jailbreak is not very practical but it's out there for those who want it.

What do you think? Are you running an iOS 9 device? Chime in the comments below!