After a firmware exploit was found in the latest PS4 firmware by developer Qwertyoruiop, the door was open to the possibility of a full PS4 jailbreak on retail consoles finally becoming a reality. And today, Qwertyoruiop has revealed that he has achieved full kernel access on firmware version 5.00; a momentous achievement, as this allows for full jailbreak.

The jailbreak was likely achieved by using the existing public WebKit exploit (which was released by the same developer) to find a vulnerability within the firmware. The tweet from earlier today shows this:

It is extremely important to note that currently it is unknown whether or not this jailbreak will make it into the hands of users, for a variety of reasons. According to Wololo:

"(he stated in the past that) he would release it if he ever had another combination of user and kernel exploits. This makes sense: keep one for himself in order to investigate future firmware versions, and give one away for the scene."

This seems sensible with regards to sustaining the jailbreaking scene on the PS4, even though it does call into question whether or not this jailbreak will ever see the light of day. It doesn't seem as if the developer currently has plans for releasing this, as we're currently ways away from the point where Qwertoruiop said he would release this hack; (We currently have 1 usermode exploit and 1 fully weaponized kernel exploit, as well as one additional kernel bug he mentioned a few days ago – meaning we're still missing a few things: another usermode entry point, and confirmation that the second kernel bug can actually be exploited.)

Either way, this hack shows a great deal of promise, and will give hope to the PS4 jailbreaking community that is still patiently awaiting a full jailbreak for retail PS4's.

What do you guys think? Do you expect that a PS4 jailbreak on newer firmware versions may finally manifest itself? Is PS4 jailbreaking finally coming back? Let us know in the comments, or post over in the forums with your thoughts.

via Wololo