Long day, finished fixing bugs. Step in your flat, lie on the couch, put on the series, and get connected with robots, hackers controlling them and virtual realities.. If this is something you'll do on after a busy day in the sandbox, you might want to know that yes, the future is AI, so you're on track. Want to go a step further? Share your opinion on coding and technologies you use today to shape tomorrow. Take this 15' survey, for prizes, insights, a sci-fi character and a better future.

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Breakthroughs in Machine Learning and AI are enabling machines to do more for themselves with fewer explicit instructions from the user and are supporting new ways for humans to engage with machines. How does this affect developers?

30% of the 21,200+ developers interviewed in the previous Developer Economics survey were involved in AI development and projects, which is itself an indication of the impact AI is making, according to the Developer Economics Q4 2017 report. Advances in brain computer interfaces (BCI) and Machine Learning models also captured the attention of developers. Thirty seven percent of developers feel that one of these technologies is the next big thing.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are all the rage spurred by advances in neural networks, supervised learning and easy access to data and processing resources to train AI models. The challenge with today's neural networks is they are unable to retain, pass on or apply knowledge gained in one process to another. Consequently context and relationships are lost. Emerging Machine Learning models, architectures and techniques are enabling gained knowledge to be retained and transferred from one process to another reducing the

amount of training required, enabling better outcomes with less data. Transfer learning and capsule networks are in very early stages so while they may have an impact in the next five years, their full impact will presumably be felt further into the future as computers become able to retain more of what they learn. AI is also enabling a large majority of emerging technologies from AR to conversational interfaces to self driving cars. This underlying technology will no doubt have far reaching implications that we could not possibly imagine today.

So you're right about watching series that may show you what the future could look like. But wouldn't you also want to influence it?

If you're a developer, here's a survey for you to fill in, share your thoughts and get heard by other developers and some of the largest tech vendors, shaping the products you use and the future of tech.

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