It's that time of the year again: jailbreak demo time. The security team [URL=""]KEENLAB[/URL] demoed jailbreaks for iOS 10.3.2 and iOS 11 Beta at the recent MOSEC security conference. It's unclear at this point whether or not these are the same exploit or if they've achieved two separate userland jailbreaks.

The news was dropped by [URL=""]SparkZheng[/URL], who works for Alibaba and a few other security teams. He was also the one who dropped the news about Pangu's jailbreak at the Janus Conference as well.

Will they release the jailbreak?

This is the burning question on everyone's mind. Will KEENLAB release a public jailbreak?

The general thoughts are on the safe side. Which means they most likely will not be releasing this to the public. It is good news, however, even though it's bittersweet for users. KEENLAB is most likely announcing this as a way for them to step into different territory than there past security research areas aside from what they have already been doing. They were also the first security team to achieve remote access to Tesla's Model S in September of last year.

One thing that stood out was that KEENLAB actually developed a whole UI and user experience for the tool, which is not a proof that anything will be released to the public but could be a glimpse of hope for those who want to hang on to that.

This demo shows that Apple's latest OS can indeed be jailbroken, which is something a lot of users have been fearing was impossible.