It was reported back in November that the Broadcom company was looking into buying its competitor Qualcomm in what would be one the largest takeover in the chip-making industry.

Qualcomm's board of directors declined the offer and refused any subsequent counteroffer. However, Broadcom isn't giving up on the deal, as they have been attempting to replace a good bunch of Qualcomm's board of directors to allow for the purchase of the company, hostile takeover style.

However, as it turns out, the acquisition of Qualcomm might end up in Intel buying both companies if Broadcom is successful with their hostile takeover. Intel has been aware of the threat it poses to them if a Broadcom/Qualcomm acquisition were to happen. Intel has already had troubles dealing with competitor Qualcomm in the past, they even had to kill their Atom line of smartphone processors and flushing away billions of dollars in manufacturing and marketing.

Intel is also considering other, smaller acquisitions in order to keep up with the competition. Although they don't manufacture SoCs, they are still trying to fight back however they can.

If the hostile takeover of Qualcomm from Broadcom ends up a reality, and Intel actually buys the resulting company, Intel would have a certain monopoly over almost any other chipmaker companies in tech, rendering competition only futile and meaningless. As though Intel never really made a large impression in the market of SoCs, this would completely change the story.

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via Android Police