YouTube GO is now out of the beta phase after being introduced this past April. The app allows users to download YouTube videos, although it is not the only official app with such functionality. The subscription service, YouTube Red, also allows users to save clips.

The difference between the two applications is YouTube GO is currently the only free official YouTube video downloader offered by Google. Of course, with the word "free," there will always be some limitations when compared to a paid offering.

YouTube GO only allows videos to be downloaded in either basic or standard quality. This will make watching videos on displays sharper than 360p practically useless. YouTube Red subscribers are able to download videos without quality restrictions, but YouTube GO has a different target audience than its counterpart.

GO is tailored for emerging markets or areas with slow data connection speeds. Lower quality videos will give users faster load times to view content, as opposed to higher definition videos. Higher quality footage would require more data, and thus, a longer load time.

YouTube GO users will be able to send saved videos to nearby friends via Bluetooth. Another plus for areas with slow data speeds, as Bluetooth will transfer the files much quicker.

Currently, the app is only available in a few countries like India and Indonesia, but you can always download the APK and install yourself if you want to give it a test run.

What are your thoughts on YouTube Go? Is basic quality video even worth viewing in 2017? Drop a comment below.

via AP