Nature can create some different shapes and objects from causes of extreme heat or cold. Maybe it's the earth's creative side or sense of humor. Whatever you want to chalk it up as, Twitter is here to protect you from obscene iterations of nature's creativity.

A Twitter user posted a picture of an icicle many thought resembled a phallus. It formed in her window after being away from her apartment one weekend. The temperature in New York City had dipped below 10 degrees that weekend, but it didn't rain or snow. Even more perplexing, the woman stated there is no obvious water source between her windowpane and screen which is where the icicle formed.

After posting the picture on Twitter, it didn't take long for her to be informed that her post had been flagged for containing "sensitive content."

When she decided to formally inquire with Twitter about why her post had been marked as sensitive, a spokesperson responded with links to the application's media policy and sensitive media settings. The spokesperson also informed her "in terms of this specific photo, we're looking into it."

According to Twitter's media policy, selected content containing "graphic violence and/or adult content" is acceptable, but only if it's marked as "sensitive." Users also can't use sensitive images as their header or profile images.

Media deemed sensitive can be shown or hidden in tweets by checking a box in your Privacy and Safety settings. Twitter hides sensitive media automatically so you'll need to change your settings if unable to view certain content.

Considering some of the content that can be found on Twitter, or any other social media website for that matter, flagging an icicle is a bit excessive.

What do you think? Did the icicle post deserve such scrutiny?

via Motherboard