You might remember that recently we covered the ZTE Axon M, the dual-screen foldable smartphone that seems to aim to transcend form factors and pioneer a new design initiative. While this may have merely been a rushed release to try and beat Samsung to the races, it seems they may have jump-started a new trend within Android smartphone design, as Huawei is allegedly working on their own dual screen foldable smartphone, in an attempt to compete with ZTE.

The CEO of Huawei, Richard Yu, stated in an interview with CNET that a Huawei dual-screen smartphone prototype is "already in the works" and we should expect to see it sometime in 2018. This is an interesting development, as it seems that the smartphone industry is acting in a reactionary fashion to Samsung's confirmation that they will be releasing a foldable smartphone in 2018.

The dual-screen, foldable form factor has a number of advantages that many users have pointed out, such as being able to access greater screen real estate for activities that require a larger screen (such as websites that are better suited to larger displays, artwork and watching video), mirroring to show the contents of your display to others and much more. However, the ZTE Axon M has demonstrated a number of the pratical drawbacks to this form factor; such as the nature and convenience of the folding mechanism, the _ and those god-awful bezels. Nevertheless, if this form factor catches on we're bound to see better and more mature implementations in the future, and it's definitely interesting to see a heavyweight like Huawei entering the ring.

What do you guys think? Are you interested in purchasing a foldable phone in the near future? Are you excited to see how this form factor develops? Let us know what you think in the comments, or post over in the forums.

via XDA

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