Android recoveries allow a user to overwrite the stock recovery which comes with the phone to a custom recovery such as TWRP. These custom recoveries allow users to have more control over the recovery on their device. Through the use of a custom recovery, a user can do things such as backing up their device and restoring backups of their device if anything ever goes wrong. The main reason for installing a custom recovery though is usually for flashing custom ROMs. There are many custom ROMs out there created by the community for many different Android devices.

Although, there are many different custom Android recoveries out there for users to choose from. Originally the biggest player in this space was ClockworkMod (CWM), but things have changed in the past couple of years as a new player, TeamWin Recovery Project (TWRP), has stepped in and has been creating great recoveries. TWRP is a fully touch-based recovery, which was originally developed for Nexus devices, but has since been made available for other devices as well. For many users, TWRP can be an easier UI to navigate around compared to CWM, due to the touch-based interface.

HTC One X10 users have been waiting for an official release of TWRP for their devices since the release of the phone in July 2017. Although there was an unofficial port of the TWRP recovery available to users, it wasn't until just recently that the official build was released. The unofficially ported version of TWRP was at 3.1.1, but the official build has brought HTC One X10 users up to version 3.2.1, which can be simply flashed using the fastboot flash recovery command.

To download the new TWRP build for HTC One X10, follow this link and follow the installation guide on the page. If you are interested in the source code which was published, you can follow this to check it out.

via XDA