Communitheme close-up

Now, similarly to the Suru icon theme, Ubuntu's new look may be based on work done for the cancelled Unity 8 and Ubuntu Phone projects, but this time led by the community, and based on the default GNOME theme, Adwaita.

Communitheme/Ambience fade

Compared to the old Ambiance theme, the new one ditches the gradients, and ups contrast levels – the good old brown is replaced almost entirely by very dark greys, giving the Linux distribution a brand new look.

Still, despite its appearance, the "Communitheme" (what a name), as mentioned earlier, is based on the default GNOME Adwaita theme, since Canonical wants to stick as close as possible to the GNOME base, while maintaining Ubuntu's unique identity.

This theme is still early in development, and as mentioned in the FAQ, will be released "when it's done", meaning that the next Ubuntu release may still be using Ambiance by default.

Getting the new theme

Still, you can try out the theme today. If you are running Ubuntu 17.10 or a pre-release build of Ubuntu 18.04, you can grab the theme from the Communitheme PPA:

  1. Add the Communitheme repository:
    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:communitheme/ppa
  2. Update your packages: sudo apt update
  3. Install the theme:
    sudo apt install ubuntu-communitheme-session
  4. Restart your computer

Once you reboot, you'll notice that even the login screen got a bit of a makeover.

Finally, select "Communitheme" while signing in, and enjoy the new look! Just remember that the theme is still actively in development, so bugs may be lurking.

via OMG! Ubuntu