One of the features that Google debuted in Android Oreo earlier this year was picture-in-picture mode; which allows for you to consume media in a small floating window on the screen while using your device for something else. A number of apps support PiP mode, but it is unfortunately restricted to Android Oreo – with the exception of YouTube, in which it's reserved as a premium feature exclusive to users of YouTube Red. Thankfully for the rest of us, who aren't members of YouTube Red's minuscule user base or are waiting for Android Oreo, there is a solution. Today we're going to walk you through exactly how to get picture-in-picture mode for YouTube on your device.

Fortunately, this solution is very simple, and you can yield great results on non-rooted devices. So, let's get right into it.

Step 1: Download Awesome Pop-Up Video from the Play Store

We're going to be using Awesome Pop-Up Video for this method, as it's simple to set up, easy to use and has no real downsides or deterrents to draw us away from it. Furthermore, it supports additional functionality and features via Xposed Modules on rooted devices, so if you just installed Xposed on Android Nougat, you'll be able to have plenty of fun with this app.

Step 2: Configure Awesome Pop-Up Video

Configuring this app isn't very difficult; when you open it, you're greeted with a screen called the "Front Row", showing the videos on YouTube's Trending page. You can then swipe to settings to configure the appearance and functionality of the app to your liking.

You can change settings such as saving a preferred position for the playback window, enabling or disabling hardware acceleration, enabling sound playback while the screen is off and setting your preferred playback resolution. Additionally, you can set the transparency of the pop-up window and change its theme to your liking. I was happy with most of the default settings configurations, but I changed the theme to a nice shade of blue that's much more muted than the bright purple that the app defaults to.

Step 3: Open YouTube and choose a video

This step shouldn't require too much explanation. Simply open the YouTube app and click on whichever video you want to enjoy in PiP mode. I chose the latest video from the ModMyTube channel, on How to set a Windows BSOD screen as your screensaver in macOS.

Step 4: Hit "Share to" and select Awesome Pop-Up video

This step shouldn't be too tough. Hit "Share to", select Awesome Pop-Up video and watch the pink circle roll.

Step 5: Tab out and enjoy!

Now, just exit YouTube and either go to a different application or straight to the home screen- and your video should load as expected! Cool, right? Now you can watch YouTube video while scrolling through Reddit, talking to your boring friends or whatever else you want to do – all without going to the trouble of rooting, installing Android Oreo or dishing out the extra cash for YouTube Red.

What do you guys think? Will you use this frequently? Is there a better method that we missed out? Let us know in the comments or post over in the forums.

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