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As a social network, Snapchat, of course, boasted that the new user interface will boost engagement and make the app more "personal" by including things like personalization algorithms that aim to show content that the user might be interested in. And so, Snapchat joined Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter in being one of those networks that traded away the simple reverse chronological order timeline for one with engagement and algorithms.

And with Snap Inc. not being interested in bringing the old UI back even in light of a petition signed by over a million people, everyone only has one question on their minds: how do you get the old Snapchat back?

How to get the old Snapchat back on Android

While the new interface for the social network was enabled server-side by Snap, and therefore without even needing the app to be updated from the Play Store, the new UI wasn't there forever. As tested by reddit user /u/mutjo, installing Snapchat version, the last version before the new layout was added, will bring the old user interface back. To install it, there are only a few things you need to do:

  1. Uninstall whatever version of Snapchat you may currently have on your phone
  2. Download the .APK for Snapchat version, which you can find at APKMirror
  3. Install the app you just downloaded (you may be prompted to enable installing apps from unknown sources if you haven't enabled this option already)
  4. Disable automatic updates for Snapchat by going to its Google Play Store listing, tapping on the overflow menu on the top right, and disabling auto-update

With that, you should be back to the Snapchat you know and (maybe) love.

How to get the old Snapchat back on a jailbroken iPhone

With a jailbroken iPhone, there is actually a tweak that you can use. Available from cokepokes' Cydia repository, the tweak, which is called "snapdecent" will re-enable the old user interface.

Installing it is very easy:

  1. In Cydia, add cokepokes' repository, which you can find at
  2. Search for "snapdecent" in Cydia, and install it

According to the feedback so far, the tweak does it job, though it may cause issues with Snapchat modifications such as Phantom.

So, that's how you get back to the old Snapchat. While both of these options come with some drawbacks – after all, you won't be able to keep using an old version of Snapchat forever, and you won't get new features either, while with the jailbreak tweak you will only be able to use the old UI for as long as the code is still present in the actual app.

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