A simple way to make your Android experience feel faster and more fluid is to speed up your animations by decreasing your animation scale. This setting, embedded within the developer options of your phone, allows you to set your animation speed to 0.5x the normal rate (as well as increasing it), along with disabling animations entirely.

However, setting your device animation speed at 0.5 may have drawbacks; it may end up being too fast for the device and not allow applications to load properly, so you might wish to set it somewhere in the middle. While the Android developer settings may not natively allow this, there's a way to get around this minor hurdle. Today, we'll show you how to change your Android device's animation speed via ADB; no root required.

What you'll need:

You'll need a computer with all the necessary drivers for your phone installed, along with ADB ready to go. Enable "Developer Options" in your settings and enable USB debugging, and you're ready to go.

The Method:

Open a command terminal on your respective platform; if you're on Windows, open your Start menu, search "cmd", and press Enter. If you're on macOS or Linux, do a search for 'Terminal.'

With your console/terminal open, type:
adb devices

and hit Enter. You should see a prompt that indicated that your device is connected – if that's the case, you're good to proceed. If not, then try reconnecting your device and see what happens.

Now, type these commands, pressing enter between each of them:

adb shell

settings put global window_animation_scale 0.75
settings put global transition_animation_scale 0.75
settings put global animator_duration_scale 0.75

Replace "0.75" with whatever value you'd like to set your animation speed to, as long as it is less than or equal to one. If you want to verify the commands worked, punch in these commands:

settings get global window_animation_scale
settings get global transition_animation_scale
settings get global animator_duration_scale

Those commands should show you the animation speed and if it's what you set it at, you should be good to go.

Do note, however, that the value you set won't show up when you look at the custom animation scale in the Settings, and tapping it from the Settings will revert the changes. The good news is that the changes you make in this guide will stick after reboots, so you don't need to do this again (unless you want to change it).

What do you guys think? Will you try changing the animation speeds on your Android device? Do you think this is a good way to enhance your Android experience? Let us know in the comments, or be sure to post over in the forums with your thoughts.