ThinkPad X1 Carbon

So, you finally finished it. Your perfect Hackintosh setup. But there's one more thing you can do to make the experience just a little bit better: change your Clover theme. And sure, perhaps you may only see that screen very rarely (especially if everything is going well with your macOS installation), but there is just something special about having every corner of your setup be pretty.

Finding a theme

The first step, of course, is actually finding a theme you want to use. Clover developers maintain an archive over at their Sourceforge with a good variety of themes to choose from. You can also find a lot of themes just by searching the web for "Clover theme", and, if you used a guide for your Hackintosh, check the thread to see if there's a theme specifically designed for your device.


My personal favourite theme, though, is clover-minimal. While it definitely lives up to its name with those beautiful icons, the subtle background makes the theme stand out much more than a typical grey screen would have.

You can find the theme on GitHub by following the link below.

Installing the theme

Now that you've picked your theme, you need to install it.

First, mount the EFI partition where you installed Clover - we have a handy guide for this. Next, just in case something goes wrong, make a backup of the entire EFI folder.

Then, go to the EFI/CLOVER folder, and find (or create if it's not there) the themes folder. Unpack the theme you just downloaded, and paste it inside the themes folder.

With the theme installed, you might want to also make it the default. To do that, you will need to modify the config.plist file with a text editor. Pay extra care to not modify anything else except for the theme, or your Hackintosh installation may have trouble.

Find the theme setting under the GUI key, which should look something like this:


Replace whatever is inside the <string> tags under the Theme key with the name of the theme you've just added, save it, and you're all set!

Next time you boot, the Clover boot manager should show your desired theme as expected.

Did you try changing your theme? Did you find anything interesting? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet us at @ModMyTweets!