If you ever felt like square corners on a screen look too rough, you can round them bu using a simple app. The best part is that no root is required. Of course, this won't physically round your corners, but if you have an AMOLED screen, or if you don't mind having the curve be a little smaller, then it will look great nonetheless.

The app works by running a background service that puts an overlay over your screen which includes the "rounded corners". Those are just black graphics which mimics the roundness of your screen, however, your eyes won't actually notice the real edges of the screen due to a simple illusion.

The app is pretty basic, but that's a good thing. Thanks to that, you won't get lost in a hoard of unnecessary options and settings. The settings include:

  • Corner Design (We'll get to that in a second)
  • Enabled Corners – Chose which corners you want to be rounded
  • Corner Radius – How big the corner curves should be
  • Blacklist Apps
  • Enable on Lockscreen/Homescreen
  • Overlap Status Bar – We recommend this option

You can even add extensions to get even more corner designs. The corner design setting essentially allows you to use something else than a rounded corner. You can use things like cut off corners which give you a look similar to Sharp's AQUOS S2.

All in all, this is a very cool way to personalise your phone and make it look slightly more modern as rounded corners have become a trend with the iPhone X and the Samsung Galaxy S8 rocking the world today.

What do you think? Do you like rounded corners or are squares your thing? Let us know in the comments below!