It supports section reordering and supports integration with tweaks such as a Noctis for a dark Control Centre experience. It also removes large buttons such as AirPlay and AirDrop and integrates them next to the night shift toggle. Overall, it makes for a more streamlined and minimalistic user-interface. One that I think Apple should've gone with in the first place. It is also compatible with both iPhones and iPads.

What's new in version 2.0:

The major change isn't actually in the software, it's where the software is now at.

As of this release, Horseshoe is now in the BigBoss repository, so that users will no longer have to add a third party repository to get this tweak. As such, previous buyers licenses may not work at first, but developer Andrew Wiik has said that all licenses for previous buyers will be transferred to BigBoss within two days.

Other than that the only thing version 2.0 actually changes is a landscape bug fix.

If you haven't purchased Horseshoe yet, you can now do so from the BigBoss repo, for $1.99