After a few understandable but painful delays, Homebrew Launcher has finally been given the green light! We've seen quite a few hacks in the past few days for Nintendo Switch and the Switch hacking scene is just getting started.

Getting it installed is surprisingly easy, with only a few requirements. Currently, you'll need to upgrade your console to firmware 3.0.0 if you want to take advantage of the hack. Unfortunately, if you've already updated to firmware 3.0.1+ you will have to wait for the time being. You can upgrade to 3.0.0 firmware by using a "Pokken Tournament DX" cartridge, however, it has been found that some recent copies ship with 3.0.1 so be wary.

The official repository Includes a few easy-to-follow steps to install Homebrew Launcher on your Nintendo Switch:

  1. Download latest nx-hbmenu
  2. Put the hbmenu.nro on the root of your sdcard.
  3. Insert the sdcard into the device.
  4. Set your Switch DNS server to, and perform a connection test.
  5. Click "Install". If you see 2000-1337 on your screen it means installation succeeded.
  6. Restart the device, and perform a new connection test.
  7. Click "Run". The exploit is finished when there's a popup asking you to exit.
  8. Go to the home menu and click the Album icon.

The developer also notes that this process could potentially cause undesirable effects on the console, "damaging" it and also voiding the warranty; it's advised that you proceed at your own risk.

Linux running on Nintendo Switch

Yes, you read that right! A hacker known as "SciresM" successfully ported Linux to the Nintendo switch, with functional multitouch and 3D driver support. Here's a video demonstration of the exploit in action:

In the video, you can see a web browser running in the Linux installation, as well as a fully functional on-screen keyboard. This is an incredible achievement for the Nintendo Switch hacking scene.

On top of this, hardware hacker and engineer Kate Temkin has stated that she has a "Tegra bootrom exploit" which should give full root access to the Nintendo Switch. This would allow Nintendo Switch owners to run virtually anything they like on the console (emulators, operating systems, and more). Currently, there is no release date set for the exploit. Amazingly the hacker also confirmed that it "cannot be patched by Nintendo without hardware modifications". This makes the exploit a potential long-term solution for all current Nintendo Switch models

If you're as excited as us for the beginning of the Switch Hacking community, let us know in the comments below and make sure to follow ModMy for future updates on the matter.

via Wololo