Team Reswitched announced last week that Pegaswitch, the popular exploit tool for the Nintendo Switch, now supports usermode code execution; an announcement that has huge implications for the world of custom homebrew applications on the Nintendo Switch.

The announcement, made via an update to their GitHub page, stated that firmware 3.0.0 now supports usermode execution and homebrew for the Nintendo Switch is a very real possibility. However, this exploit is limited to that specific firmware version, so anyone using firmware 3.0.1 will have to wait for the development of a new exploit in order to allow for homebrew execution on their devices. Additionally, if you're on a lower firmware version, you'll need to jump up to firmware 3.0.0 by grabbing a copy of Pokken Tournament DX and using the cartridge to snag the update.

It is worth noting, additionally, that there is little to no homebrew available on the Nintendo Switch at the moment. Aside from a reported attempt at running the original 1993 DOOM on the Switch by Daiken (one of the developers behind the Pegaswitch project) and some rumors of kernel access, there aren't many prospects for large homebrew releases or an outpour of development for Switch homebrew anytime soon.

There is little to no homebrew available on the Nintendo Switch right now.

While the situation may be uncertain, and getting to a correct firmware version may be a headache for many users at the moment, this is definitely an exciting time for Nintendo Switch owners. Homebrew has been all but dead on modern generation gaming consoles, so seeing a glimmer of hope for a return of homebrew and modern console hacking is definitely reassuring. Stay tuned, as we'll be covering any developments on Switch homebrew as they come; we're excited to see what comes of this over the course of the next few weeks.

What do you guys think? Will you grab Pokken DX to get to firmware 3.0.0 and try your hand at homebrew as soon as it comes out (if it does)? Let us know in the comments, or post over in the forums in your thoughts.

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