Mikko Jaakkola, HMD Global's Chief Technology Officer, commented earlier today that they would be looking into "unlock(ing) one model at (a) time", implying that they are aiming for a more gradual rollout process of bootloader unlocking tools, targeting one device before gradually rolling out to the rest of their line-up.

As documented earlier this week, HMD Global seem to want to go back on their previous commitment to keeping bootloaders of their Nokia Android line-up locked. Given the promptness of this response, it's evident that users were not happy about this decision. This move risked seriously alienating the enthusiast segment of the market, who HMD Global may have been looking to target given the increase in pricing of OnePlus phones. A locked bootloader would seriously hinder any prospects for modification or customisation in the eyes of a developer or enthusiast.

It seems that HMD Global wants more user input and feedback on their venture forward into providing developer and enthusiast tools, as Jaakkola asked users via Twitter which device they would like to see unlocked first, and what they would like to do with a bootloader-unlocked device.

While these tweets have helped to ease the burden of relentless criticism from enthusiasts that was bearing down upon HMD Global, many questions are yet to be answered. While many are also hoping for HMD to provide kernel sources for the devices, as of yet there is no confirmed timescale for any of this – in fact, as the tweet above clarifies, all of this is very much on their backburner for now. As of right now, we're content with knowing that HMD Global is listening to consumers and is looking into providing these tools to users.

What do you guys think? Does knowing that HMD is looking into providing bootloader unlock tools help persuade you to buy a Nokia Android smartphone? Let us know what you think in the comments, or post over in our forums with your thoughts.