Have you taken part in our communities yet? No? You're missing out! We want you there!

As you may or may not know, ModMy is not just about journalism and reporting the latest in enthusiast communities. We have our own communities as well! We are present on things like Instagram, Discord and of course YouTube. So, why is this so interesting? Well, here is why:


ModMy is about showing you plain simply cool stuff. That's where our Instagram shines the best. Our Instagram is a showcase for the coolest mods, customisations or things out of the ordinary, on the internet! If you love cool tech which really leaves a "wow", ModMyGram is the perfect place for you.


Real-time discussions about hacking, modifying and whatnot, with others interested in the same thing? That's fun! If you need help, we also have experienced people taking care of the support on the server. ModMyDiscord is a great place for real-time chat about everything tech, especially if it's "out of the ordinary", once again.

You can join us by following this link. See you there!


Alright, so this is a tricky one. Our YouTube is temporarily shut down for maintenance. We will be doing a lot of exciting stuff with it soon, and you'll definitely see more of it here once we get going. However, it's still worth subscribing as once we go live with the exciting changes we have prepared for ModMyTube, you'll know straight off! Check out one of our videos down below, and subscribe here.

Thanks for checking it out! One thing that you might want to note is that the blog is a community in itself. We have the ModMyForums and we have comments, so make sure to interact with us here as well.