The update, which was just released with Android Nougat support a few hours ago, is one of the first popular Xposed modules to get Nougat support. It's a great sign of things to come for Xposed 88.1, and Nougat users finally get to have some fun with GravityBox for Android 7.0.

GravityBox is a popular Xposed module due to the sheer flexibility it offers to its users. To cut a long story short, it allows you to easily and quickly create what is essentially your own custom ROM. GravityBox supports a plethora of features and additional functions (over 100 on the last count); some of which you can find on other custom ROMs, and some which you can't. Either way, it's unlikely you'll find this many in the same place anywhere else. While there may be smaller individual apps and modules that allow you to add some of these features, none of them offer the cohesiveness and ease of use that GravityBox does. You can essentially create your own custom ROM on top of AOSP Android, with the features and functionality of your choosing.

The app offers modifications for everything from the lock screen to notifications to the navigation bar! You will be spoiled for choice; if you can get it, GravityBox can modify it.

Please do note that GravityBox is incompatible with (and also defeats the purpose of) custom ROMs like LineageOS, and is also unavailable on skinned Android devices like offerings from Samsung, Xiaomi, LG and more. Essentially, you just need to remember that you need AOSP to use this module. You can grab it from XDA, or directly from the Xposed repository..

What do you guys think? Are you happy GravityBox has been updated with Nougat support? Do you use tools like GravityBox? Let us know in the comments, or post over in the forums with your thoughts.

via XDA