G Suite is a brand of cloud computing, productivity and collaboration tools, software and products developed by Google and the company recently revealed its Hangouts Meet hardware kit. The kit is designed to help companies prepare their boardrooms and other meeting locations to run Hangouts Meet for their video conferencing. Google claims the bundle will enable high-quality video meetings regardless of size. The kit includes an Asia Chromebook, 4K sensor camera, speaker-mic and touchscreen controller.

Each item in the kit functions as follows:

  • The speaker-mic eliminates background noise for crisp audio and up to five speaker-mics can be wired together, providing coverage for larger rooms.

  • The 4K sensor camera has a 120-degree view and is smart enough to detect participants and automatically crop and zoom.

  • The touchscreen controller allows users to operate the camera, join events scheduled in Google Calendar, pin and mute team members, and add attendees with the dial-a-phone feature.

  • The Asus Chromebox is powered by Chrome OS and automatically pushes updates to the other kit components.

Earlier this year, Google split Hangouts into "Meet" and "Chat," scraping Google Talk in the process. Meet now handles Hangouts video-conferencing features, allowing users to join meetings from Calendar invites or set up video meetings with a single link. Chat will handle instant messaging between teams similar to Slack.

Meetings are a primary source for teams to share and shape ideas into action, and G Suite is working to enhance this experience while simplifying conference rooms. Google has stressed the future of Hangouts is centered around business users with a focus on group collaboration and enterprise productivity.

Do you think Google is making the right choice by tailoring Hangouts for business and enterprise use? Drop a comment below and let us know what you think.

Via AP