Stock Android has typically lacked a thorough, fleshed-out file manager. OEMs would implement custom file managers into their ROMs, but with Android 4.4 KitKat, the Documents provider received basic file management functionality. However, this feature was never upgraded into a complete file manager.

With users unable to utilize a stock file manager, they have looked to third-party applications as file management is one of the top downloaded categories in the Play Store.

Google has been working on a smart file manager of their own called Files Go, which was accidentally uploaded to the Play Store earlier this week. Some people were able to download and install on their device but the link has since been taken down.

The Play Store description for Google Files Go stated the following:

  • Help you free up more space in many more ways than before.

  • Suggest removing apps you no longer use to keep you phone fast and feeling new.

  • Recognize and help you remove the spam and duplicate images.

  • Find your important documents without cumbersome and manual effort.

  • Share your files offline – fast & secure – with the tap of a button.

Files Go is designed to be a smart storage application with features that include removing unwanted items, duplicate files and more. Third party file and OEM file managers have these capabilities, but one feature that will be unique to Files Go is the ability to share files offline via a hotspot network.

It's unclear whether Google's file manager will be offered out of the box on future Android devices, but regardless, it will benefit Android to have an official option from Google. The Play Store link to the app is broken, but stay tuned with us at ModMy as we will be sure to let you know when it's live.

Drop a comment below and let us know if you were able to snag Files Go before it was taken down.