Android P continues to develop into a beautiful operating system, but receiving some controversial feedback for resembling aspects of other well known mobile OS's. The updated UI changes more closely resemble iOS according to some users, citing a few changes: many corners that were once squared off are being shaved down to create a rounded look. It also introduces a lot more 'white' in the background of interfaces, again soliciting criticism as it more closely resembles Apple's iOS.

Typically these sorts of changes are no problem for Android users, as they have the freedom to customize the OS and its interface however they please. Google has decided to interrupt that parade, however, and is blocking custom overlays in Android P altogether. Substratum is not happy about this decision, with the Community Manager of the project posting a tweet about it:

Hoping to keep the Android community's freedom intact, Substratum has created a petition to Google with almost the entire 10,000 signature goal completed. The petition's opening paragraph summarizes the issue clearly:

The first Android P Developer preview has been released recently. With the new version number came tons of changes to the Android OS, but one under-the-hood change made thousands of users upset: custom overlays can no longer be installed on Android, starting with the version number "P".

Substratum states that they have a running community of 1 million users, all of which will be impacted by this change.

They ask for the support of Android users in signing the petition as well as starring their request in Google's issue tracker.

via XDA