Android Wear users have been pretty neglected by Google because of the failure Android Wear has been compared to the Apple Watch, however, this does not mean that Google has stopped working on the platform altogether.

Today, we see the signs of it. Android Wear has just entered a beta where an Oreo-based version of the OS has been pushed. The new version doesn't include many changes as of yet, other than notification channel support (As seen in Android Oreo) and an API level upgrades to the API Level 26, which is the one used by Android Oreo.

Another change is better managing of background tasks which is a fairly huge deal for Android Wear users. Android Wear devices are known for having an underwhelming battery life, and this change aims to fix it. The better management of the background tasks running on your device will prevent applications from going berserk and ruining your battery life, as we've seen some applications do in the past.

The bad news is that the beta is only open to LG Watch Sport users at the moment, with no word on other devices coming, but we can safely assume that they will at some point. The device that is most likely to get into the beta after the Sport is the LG Watch Style, the twin brother of the LG Watch Sport.

What do you think? Did you expect more of the Android Wear Oreo update? Let us know in the comments below!

*via xda-developers