Google has issued a major update to their Backup and Sync client for desktop, with a slew of new features and additional functionality to boot. The client, which was intended to replace the standard Google Drive implementation on desktop, will now allow users to have more control over which files are synced and which are not, as well as making it simpler than ever to add new folders to sync with Drive.

The new feature set includes the ability to only sync photos and videos from your device and desktop, as opposed to syncing the full contents of each folder every time; which has the potential to be a decent data saver. Aside from that, quick sync of individual folders is now possible by merely right-clicking a folder and hitting "sync to drive"

You can now also set the application to ignore files by extension, to prevent large files intended for specific programs from accidentally being synced to your Drive; another potential data saver.Other than that, minor additions such as a notification in the case of Backup and Sync failing to convert photos to high quality, and a fix for issues such as a bug that was making multiple copies of the executable file, and an issue where quitting Backup and Sync was taking a long time. Other bug fixes and improvements have been baked into this update too, so this is definitely an update worth grabbing.

What do you guys think? Are you happy to see Google again committing to improving service cohesion across platforms? Let us know in the comments, or tell us what you think over on our forums.

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