The firm debuted the widget as an easy glanceable area on the screne for busy users who wanted to be able to quickly and eaisly see their data without having to plug into the main Google ap feed itself.

The widget ordinarily would show data like traffic updates, weather, and upcoming calendar events.

The firm has now updated the Pixel's At A Glance widget to show information from upcoming flights. Much like with the main Google feed, the data it pulls out is tied to data fed into your Google account. If you get your tickets for your upcoming trip to Disneyland, Paris in Gmail, Google will parse the data so that they can provide you with flight information either in the main assistant feed or in the Google at a glance widget.

Google Now feed and (later) Assistant has long since been giving users data they need to get around their day. You can configure what the widget prioritizes by a preferences toggle, and then only surface the things most important to you. Google promises to bring more features to the widget later, and Pixel users (As well as those who use third-party apps like Action Launcher) will be able to take advantage of them It's unlikely this feature will be useful to all but the most frequent fliers, but it is more useful to have and not need, than the latter. For users without the Google Pixel or those unconvinced by the utility of a tiny widget, there's always the Google Assistant feed.

Via Android Police