The Electra jailbreak for iOS 11.0 up to 11.1.2, developed by CoolStar and some other developers, is finally released with full Cydia support and Substitute, a Cydia Substrate alternative, which allows the OS to load custom Dynamic Libraries and inject the code into processes, which means "tweaks work" in English.

Electra has been in public beta testing for a while now but it didn't feature Cydia and people had to manually SSH into the device and copy over .dylib files into corresponding folders, meaning that paid tweaks were not supported and the whole process was troublesome and hard for regular users to pull off. This is not necessarily a bad thing as thanks to this, a big chunk of the jailbreak community has been educated about the basics of how the structure of the filesystem works.

Thankfully, this is a thing of the past. Cydia is now part of the Electra jailbreak and can be installed officially, as opposed to the leaked copies of the private developer beta versions which would potentially ruin your device. The Electra jailbreak is probably the most drama-surrounded jailbreak in the history as we've seen a lot of accusations, developers leaving, coming back, leaks and what not. Even bootleg copies were distributed which were extremely dangerous and ended up breaking a lot of iOS installations forcing people to update to a newer version.

Electra is a big milestone in the history of jailbreaking

Electra is also the first jailbreak to be developed by the jailbreak community, not an individual person behind curtains or a team, and it's also the first jailbreak to use Substitute on a larger scale. Substitute is an open source drop-in replacement for SaurikIT's Cydia Substrate, which is a proprietary system used for injecting code into processes. While jailbreaks of the past didn't include Substrate out-of-the-box (it was installed automatically via Cydia after installing a package which required it) and Electra doesn't include Substitute either, it's still a great achievement as now, the code injection system has been de-centralised and the community no longer has to wait for SaurikIT to release compatible versions for new iOS jailbreaks.

Electra is a big milestone in the history of jailbreaking, but in the end, it works just like any other jailbreak would. You open up Cydia, install your tweak and it just works, so the backstory doesn't really matter to end users.

There are plans to update Cydia to support the iPhone X and to possibly even include some new features and design changes, but this is not a focus at the moment. Right now, the priority is to collect information about possible bugs and fix those before Electra progresses further.

The jailbreak tool supports all iOS 11 compatible devices and supports iOS versions between 11 and 11.1.2. It should successfully jailbreak on the first run thanks to the success rate of the async_wake exploit by Ian Beer, however, it's a semi-tethered jailbreak like all jailbreaks since iOS 8 so you will either have to resign the .ipa every 7 days, pay for a Apple Developer Account or use some form of a modified Cydia Extender which resigns your apps automatically.

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