The flagship smartphones from Samsung, the Galaxy S8, and the Galaxy S8+ have been on the front lines of pioneering the current trend of near-bezel-less devices. The hardware has improved with each release, but one can argue that the software experience has seen a tremendous improvement.

Real-world performance issues have been minimized, eliminating frame drops users have previously had to deal with in order to access Samsung features and add-ons.

Samsung DeX is one branch of the Samsung Experience that provides a full desktop environment for users via their Samsung smartphone. The only downside to this is the expensive first-party dock required to access the feature.

This has not stood in the way of some Samsung owners as many have turned to third-party docks as a cheaper alternative. A Macbook turned into a DIY DeX dock was spotted on XDA forums while other users turned to the HP Elitebook X3 LapDock to use Samsung DeX.

However, users are reporting the fourth beta update to Samsung Experience 9.0, based on the latest version of Android, has disabled the use of third-party docks with DeX. Galaxy owners are stating that connecting their devices to these docks will now only mirror the smartphone display instead of enabling the full Samsung Dex UI.

While disappointing, this move does not come as a surprise. Samsung would rather make money selling their DeX docks to consumers as the company has previously issued updates that lockdown features. The most famous example being when the company disabled the Bixby button from being remapped by users upon its release but eventually allowed remapping months later.

Samsung may need to soften it's stance on the issue, because other device makers or catching up. The Huawei Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro offers a feature called "Easy Projection" powered by Phoenix OS. Easy Projection only requires a USB 3.1 Type-C cable to use instead of a dedicated dock. Samsung may eventually change their tone and bring back third party dock support, but the odds say don't count on it.

Do you think Samsung made the right move blocking third-party dock support?

via XDA

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