We often see leaks in a variety of ways with tech companies, it's difficult to keep things in the dark for too long (and often times a simple mistake is made, where development assets make it to production unintended). A developer at MySmartPrice decided to take a look around at the Nokia 5 camera app, and decompiled it on his computer — using what appears to be winrar, a file archiver. It was discovered that there are four unannounced devices with logo images for the camera app.

Image of decompiled Nokia 5 camera app:

image source: mysmartprice

The image highlights four different devices that have not been announced. The Nokia 5, 7 Plus, 4, and the Nokia 1. The decompiled app only has image files with those phone titles, it does not include any technical information about the devices (specifications, sizes, screen resolutions, battery, etc).

There have been rumors of the Nokia 9 and Nokia 1, but this is the first we're seeing of Nokia 4 and Nokia 7 Plus devices as XDA describes:

There haven't been rumblings about the Nokia 4 or the Nokia 7 Plus yet. The Nokia 4 would presumably fill the gap between the Snapdragon 430-powered Nokia 5 and the MediaTek-powered Nokia 3, and possibly retain a 400-series Qualcomm Snapdragon system-on-chip but swap out components like the camera, RAM, and storage. We're inclined to believe the Nokia 7 Plus, though, is a slightly beefed-up version of Nokia's mid-range devices, the Nokia 7.

We may see more about this devices in the near future, keep an eye out for it! Keep checking back at ModMy for the latest information on Nokia.

via XDA