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The previous method, which we covered, was particularly dangerous as you'd have to replace files in the sa0 partition, which could potentially prevent you from restoring your Vita's firmware if things went awry. Fiddling with system files is always a bit of a hazardous prospect, which is why many users understandably chose the path of caution and didn't try changing their Vita's font. Now, thanks to the work of developers cxzihao, Rinnegatamante, Xerpi and devnoname120, there is a plugin that allows you to safely modify the system font of your PS Vita or PSTV.

fontRedirect injects a different path into the SceLibPvf directory, causing no system files to be modified (in a similar manner to systemless Android root, actually). This allows for an additional safety net to be in place, in case of an incorrect installation or unprecedented error – so you don't need to worry about bricking your device!

The installation method is as follows:

  1. Download the plugin here and prepare a font of your choosing that you want to flash to your Vita. It should be either a TTF or OTF file.

  2. Next, copy the fontRedirect.suprx file to the ur0:tai or ux0:tai directory - depending on which directory you're using for your taiHEN config file.

  3. Copy the font to:
    and rename the file to
    Please note that even if the font file is TTF, you must change the file extension to .otf

  4. Insert fontRedirect.suprx as the first entry under
    in your taiHEN config file.

  5. Finally, reboot your device and revel in the font-modded greatness of your PS Vita.

And there you have it! Whether you prefer a simpler, cleaner font to give your Vita a more modern look or you're the spawn of Satan that wishes to stamp Comic Sans all over their device, you now have a safe and simple way to change your font at will.

However, it is worth noting that not everything is rosy with this plugin. A number of users have reported that the plugin causes games to crash, and Wololo has documented an issue with VitaShell that causes the device to lock up when trying to make a new folder. Evidently, like most pieces of new enthusiast software, it still has its kinks that need some ironing out.

No doubt there will be other bugs that haven't been documented yet. However, given the pace at which this plugin was hammered out, we have no doubt that the very active developers will be at work trying to fix these bugs, and expecting a bug-fixing patch within the next few days may not be the most farfetched thing.

So, what do you guys think? Will you be changing the font of your Vita or PSTV, or are you waiting for a few bug-fixing patches to roll out so that the plugin is more stable? Let us know in the comments, and post in the forums if you have any other thoughts you wish to share with us!

Via Wololo