"Android P Developer Preview 1 is targeting a mid-month release," veteran leaker Evan Blass (EV Leaks) said on Twitter. No further details were provided as to what we would expect.

A middle of March release would line up with Pi Day, the 14th of March (3.14), being a day that holds significance both to developers and perhaps to Google's next dessert-themed operating system. Android O and Android N (Oreo and Nougat) similarly both launched around the same time over the past two years, so this isn't exactly shocking.

While there haven't been many concrete reports on what we can expect from Android P, a report from Bloomberg last month shared some of alleged Google's plans.

Google is also rumoured to be working on native notch support for Android smartphones. Smartphones like the Asus Zenfone 5 and LG's G7 flagship both feature notches on the front display of the phone much like Apple's iPhone X. Google building in official support into Android to take advantage of this adaptation to the form-factor would be helpful, especially as the software implementation of the notch has been wonky on Android so far. Google is also said to be working on improving the default look of Android, to bring more polish to the operating system so as to attract more users from iOS. Again, its worth noting that Material Design 2 has been spotted out in the wild, and might be making an appearance in Android P when Google releases it.

Google will share more on P at Google I/O in May, in the meantime, the first preview of P is expected in a matter of weeks.

via Evan Blass.