From using strong SELinux settings by default to being one of the first Linux distributions to switch to Wayland, Fedora is known for being one of the most cutting-edge Linux distributions, representing the latest and greatest features that Linux can offer.

And now, there is a new release for you to try, which brings various changes and new features for desktop users.

The first big change is that GNOME has now been updated to version 3.26, bringing with it the expected set of new features, such as:

  • Redesigned Settings app
  • Enhanced search
  • Colour emoji support
  • Better animations
  • Improvements to the GNOME Builder IDE

Beyond GNOME, there are various other updates, such as LibreOffice has been updated to version 5.4, which adds new features such as:

  • OpenPGP keys support for ODF documents
  • Improved .dotx, .dotm, and .rtf support in Writer
  • Better styling toolbar in Writer
  • Improved granular cell protection options in Calc

One exciting new feature in this release is the inclusion of PipeWire, a subsystem that aims to provide a better way to handle video and audio, supporting use cases of both PulseAudio and Jack, along with introducing a security model that improves using audio and video with containerized applications. In Fedora 27, PipeWire is being used for screen capture, but its functionality will expand as time goes on.

Fedora 27 is available today at the official website. You can also download it and create a live USB drive using Fedora Media Writer.

If you're already using Fedora, you can upgrade by going to the Software app and checking for updates there, or if you prefer using the command line, by following this official guide.

Via Fedora Magazine