The PlayStation TV (PSTV) does not have a camera, unsurprisingly. Thankfully, as it's essentially a PSVita without a screen, it runs the Vita OS and is supported by lots of hackers from that community. One of the plugins that the hacked firmware (3.60) supports is the FakeCamera plugin which just scored an update to version 1.1 bringing the ability to play games that require a camera on your PSTV.

The plugin works by using a .BMP file as the camera input, tricking the system that the device is equipped with a camera sensor and is receiving the image.

The changelog for FakeCamera 1.1 includes:

  • A version of FakeCamera with the ability to send BMP images of your choice got released. This means that you can directly interact with games that are satisfied with a still image. More instructions on how to use it can be found in the link below.

  • A minor fix in which some wrong resolution values were fixed was added.

  • The BMP version of the plugin (fakecamerabmp.suprx) requires you to also load dsmotion.skprx for it to work.

A lot of games requiring a camera would previously crash on the PSTV when they made the Camera API call. Thankfully, this plugin fixes this and some of the games that now work on the PSTV are:

  • WipeOut 2048 – The game will no longer crash on multiplayer startup due to the useless camera feature.

  • Tearaway – Won't crash when the user is asked for camera input

  • Virtua Tennis 4 – Works fine in 'CAM VT' mode with FakeCamera 1.1 and a fake BMP image.

  • Homebrew like VitaShell (QR function) and Pro Camera Vita also work properly as of FakeCamera 1.1 and a fake BMP image.

  • The mini-games "Hello Face" and "Snap + Slide" in Welcome Park work well with FakeCamera 1.1 and a fake BMP image.

Do note that in order to run games not designed for the PSTV, you still need AntiBlackList, by Rinnegatamante, which can be downloaded here, while FakeCamera can be dowloaded from the link at the bottom of the article.

This should add at least a couple more games to your beloved PSTV. What do you think? Did you succeed in running unsupported games on your PSTV? LEt us know in the comments below!

via wololo